Monday, August 16, 2010

christmas is coming

now I have  my stamps from GKD and raring to go ... so have  started with  a group of 6 for my soprano friends...i just love the feel  of  christmas  coming.. anticipation from  all those years ago.. watching  my  mum  making the mincemeat for  pies.. and christmas puddings with silver threepenny bits in there.. ( one for everyone) we always thought it was  just pure luck!.. and oh the excitement of hanging  one  of  my dads socks  on the end of thebed... and we were thrilled with the little presents and oranges/ nuts / crayons and books  in side on  christmas  morning.. unlike today  where pillow slips are  the go and presents downstairs too.. just goes to show  how much more affluent  this generation  is.


  1. this is fantastic!!!! I love the window look in cards!!!

  2. Lovely card! Love hearing about your childhood memories! Mine are similar..mincemeat pies & pecan pies, fudge hand whipped till the right "sheen" appeared, oranges & apples were our special treat...and on Christmas morning ribbon candy!